Ansa FAQ

Hi. Thanks for stopping by. If you have a question, or need support with Ansa, feel free to email us at [email protected] or browse our frequently asked questions below.

What is Ansa?

Ansa is a private messenger that gives you control of the things you share. With options to chat off the record so no trace of a conversation is left behind, send self destructing photos and videos, and erase messages shared with friends in the past, you always have the tools to express yourself freely.

Why Ansa?

Ansa is the safest place to be yourself and communicate with friends. With Ansa, you have all the features of a rich-media messenger with the added benefit of control.

Does Ansa cost money?

No. It's 100% free. Enjoy!

Where can I get updates about Ansa?

We share news about Ansa using our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Follow us there!

What platforms is Ansa available for?

Ansa is available for Android and iOS.

Where can I find Ansa?

We're on the iTunes Appstore and the Google Play Store.

How do I add friends on Ansa?

Click Find and Add friends in the menu options on the left of the app. Then enter your friend’s username or email if you know it. Alternately, you can invite your friends directly from your phone’s contact list or from your Facebook account

How do you send a message to more than one person?

Ansa is for personal conversations. Sorry, you can’t start a group chat, but you can send the same message to multiple recipients. Just compose the message, photo, video, or drawing from the home page, then select multiple recipients on the send screen. The message will be delivered to each individual as a separate conversation.

I forgot my password.

It's ok. Use the password reset option on the login page to reset it and log in.

Can I change my username?

Sorry, no.

Can I block somebody?

Yes, select the gear in the conversation you are having with the person and click “Block User”. You can also search for the user in “Find and Add Friends” or find the user in your contacts and block them this way.

How do I unblock a user?

Select the user in your contact list under the blocked tab at the top, then select the unblock option.

Are screenshots allowed?

Absolutely not. All conversations in Ansa are confidential. If somebody takes a screenshot of a conversation, both parties will be notified, and the person who captured the image will have his or her account flagged for inappropriate behavior.

What is Synced-Deletion?

Every time you erase a message you sent on Ansa, the messages is removed from both your own phone and that of the recipient. Consider this your undo button.

What happens if I take a screenshot?

As per our terms of service, you agree protect and treat information shared “Off-the-Record”, or in self-destruct mode as confidential. A breech of this confidentiality could result in legal charges.
Please, no screenshots.

What is a "Self-Destructing" photo or video?

A self-destructing photo or video is a photo or video that can only be viewed for a few seconds before disappearing from the phone forever.

How do “Self-Destructing” photos and videos work?

Every time you send a photo, video, or drawing using Ansa you have the option to use the self-destruct feature. Hit the timer symbol, and select the number of seconds you want your message to exist. When the recipient opens the message, the countdown will begin. When the time expires, the message will disappear and erase forever.

What is "Off-the-Record"?

"Off-the-Record" mode allows you to have discussions that disappear in real time. When you are "Off-the-Record", every message exchanged is automatically erased 60 seconds after it has been read.

Can one person be "Off-the-Record" while another person is not?

If one person switches to "Off-the-Record", the other person is automatically switched to "Off-the-Record" too. This way, both people know the whole conversation disappears from both phones.

What happens when i stop chatting “Off-the-Record”?

When you stop chatting “Off-the-Record” the messages you send are saved and stored on both people’s phones. If you change your mind, you can always erase a message using Synced-Deletion.

How long do messages stay on my friends phone while "Off-the-Record?

The messages you send and receive while “Off-the-Record” disappear 60 seconds after they have been read. When the time is up they disappear from the recipient’s phone, then yours, and our server.

Do you save the things I delete on Ansa?

No. Everything you delete on Ansa is also erased from our servers. We only keep copies of the things you do.

How do I know the messaged I say to delete are also deleting from my friends's phone?

When you tell a message to erase using our self-destruct timer, or “Off the Record” mode, it will not disappear from your phone until it has been erased from the recipient’s phone. When it leaves your phone, you know it’s been erased from your friend’s phone too.

Why are my "Off-the-Record" messages still on my phone?

The messages you send while “Off-the-Record” stay on your phone until they disappear from the recipient’s phone, so you know they have been deleted successfully.

Do you look at my messages?

No. Every message is encrypted, and can not be viewed by us.

I have a different question.

Send us an email. We’d love to hear from you. [email protected]